Spare Seal for Vogue Preserve Jars 200ml to 350ml

Fits 200ml to 350ml preserve jars

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    Stop your preserves from spoiling and ensure a top quality product every time, with these spare seals for Vogue preserve jars.

    These rubber seals form an airtight lock on your preserve jars, stopping harmful bacteria from getting inside and spoiling your product. The seals are made from natural rubber without chemicals, eliminating anything unnatural from getting into your preserves and ensuring a high-quality product every time.

    These handy seals from leading brand Vogue are for small and medium-sized jars (200ml - 350ml).

    Product Information:

    • Dimensions - external 82()mm
    • Dimensions - internal 60()mm
    • Material Rubber
    • Weight 10g
    • Forms an airtight seal
    • Fits 200-350ml jars

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