Nisbets Essentials Budget Teaspoons (Pack of 12)

18/0 Stainless Steel. Box Quantity 12.

Hotel Supplies
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£1.19 (£1.43 inc. VAT)
Save: £0.10 (8%)

Affordable and efficient, the Nisbets Essentials teaspoon is ideal for any restaurant, bar or cafÈ providing hot drinks. Highly polished and featuring an understated design, the teaspoons are a modest, low-cost utensil perfect for preparing hot beverages in any high volume business. Strong and sturdy with functionality at its core, the teaspoon is designed to last, saving money on replacements. Pressed from stainless steel, the teaspoons can also be used with any magnetised cutlery saving systems, helping to keep more of your utensils. The range is sold in packs of 12, the ideal size for topping up your collection at a low price.

How to wash cutlery

Most cutlery can be washed both by hand and in the dishwasher. For stainless steel cutlery, either option is fine, but you'll want to dry it off as soon after washing as possible. Leave it sitting in water for too long and you'll raise your risk of rust, and the evaporating water can leave behind unsightly water marks.

How do you make cutlery shiny?

There's a few simple ways to get your cutlery gleaming. Metal polish like that from Peek (code: Y050) will give your knives, forks and spoons an unbeatable lustre, while a decarboniser like those from Xcarbonator (code: CM883) will bring the shine back to the most heavily stained of teaspoons. And then there's good old elbow grease - although this may not be such a good idea for large venues (or sore elbows).

How many ml in a teaspoon?

A teaspoon typically holds 5ml. A tablespoon holds about 15ml and a dessert spoon sits in the middle at 10ml.

Need advice on choosing the right size? See the size guide below for more information.

  • Dimensions 135(L)mm
  • Material 18/0 Stainless steel
  • Weight 110g
  • Great value
  • Sturdy, simple design
  • Magnetic 18/0 stainless steel: works with cutlery savers
  • Rust resistant
  • Dishwasher safe

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